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Can be used as a CRM?

Can be used as a CRM? has great features. It can function in tandem with your project management systems to help you plan, oversee, and monitor your projects from beginning to end. You may not be aware, though, that can also be used as a CRM tool.

In addition, is perfect for maintaining crucial customer information and data, including customers’ contact histories, onboarding activities, bids, and contracts. This means that it can be used for more than just maximizing efficiency.


Planning to use as a Project Management Software? Read here:


As a CRM solution, may offer the following functionalities that you could find helpful:


1. Management of leads

Everything can be set up and managed on the platform, including the data about your prospects and the emails you wish to send them. Gather leads and then post them on


2.Control of emails

You can communicate with your clients effectively by connecting to your email. Even better, you may automate the sending of follow-up emails with your personalized email templates. Tracking of interactions are made easy within the platform.


3. Tracking of sales through dashboards

This feature on allows you to keep tabs on the progress of each member of your sales team’s tasks so you do not miss anything.


4.Mobile app

Who holds their phone majority of the time? This is a really useful one because you can send and receive emails from your clients right from your mobile app.


5.Automation’s CRM function is a valuable tool for managing your customers’ contact information. Therefore, if you’re already using for project management purposes, its CRM capabilities are a welcome feature that can make tracking customer communications much easier.