An image of how we use

How we use is the main project management tool we use at Mindflows. It becomes substantial support for everything that we do at work. With, we no longer require to have long meetings when we want to discuss important matters which oftentimes results in delays in some important tasks to be done on a particular day.

Today, we’d like to share a few things on how we actually use day-to-day work.



Automated To-do List

Our to-do lists become more inspiring to be written down on’s dashboards. We can put a time and date as to when we have started doing one task from our to-do list. When it’s done, we can tag them as DONE on the customized status column.


Tasks assignment and tracking

Tasks assignments have been so easier to make and we no longer have to directly call a team member’s attention. A task can be assigned to multiple team members.


Maximize the Use of monday Doc

We can create documents concurrently on monday Doc. We can also include and arrange the videos or images according to where we want to place them on monday doc. It is simply just like writing on other word docs or creating blogs on your website. It is the most user-friendly doc we have ever used.


Run Projects and Campaign Planning

For all projects and campaigns, we put everything on, such as image/video content for all our social media platforms, and incorporate the captions by writing them in the conversation.

What is really good about this is we can easily tag the person in charge of the revision of images, and leave comments directly on the images. They will get the notification in real time and will be able to upload another version of the revised images and edited videos.


What we like most about is it is very smart, convenient to use, and comprehensible.

These are just a few of the things we use for but if you are interested to know more details and features because there are a lot more, you may contact us with the given email info on our website or send a direct message on any of our social media accounts.