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A lot of the confusion about Monday VS Smartsheet is due to the fact that they are essentially the same. Some people believe that our project management tool is specific in relation to business owners and freelancers, while others think we can use as many tools as they want. Objective facts won’t help you at all if you haven’t set up workflows and processes before attempting to utilize or Smartsheet!

Whether you’re in a small business or an enterprise with hundreds of employees, choosing the right platform for your business is important for success. So what can you expect from these two project management tools?

We will make it simpler for you to select the ideal project management tool, whether for your personal or professional use. As long as you are able to meet your output goals, you can be confident that the tool you have chosen is the best one. Let us start by citing the differences between each PM software.

If you’re wondering if there is a free version of, read our blog here:

Exploring the Differences of Each Functionalities

Tasks Assignments

Both can be used for assigning tasks but Smartsheet cannot assign multiple people to a certain column. With, multiple people can work on one column as well as multiple columns, whereas in Smartsheet only one person can do this at a time.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it. You will be able to create tasks, assign them and track the progress with ease. Even non-technical users can learn very fast

UI and UX

Smartsheet gives its users a lot of control, but it requires a lot of time, energy, and training to navigate, on the other hand,’s UI is very intuitive while still maintaining a lot of power. is easy to use for an average user. You don’t need to have any coding or design experience.

There are many more customizable options, like adding a due date, tags, and notes. When you add a file or link to a task, you can click on it in the table without leaving your screen (as opposed to downloading it or opening it externally).

Format Views

On a conditional logic and through several different features with forms & dynamic views, Smartsheet gives users extremely granular controls that let users see only what they need to see, based on their roles and assignments. Smartsheet has more granular views for each user like Table, Kanban, Gantt & Calendar views while, may have such views too, in addition, it has maps, files, and timeline views as well as an app Marketplace that can further customize any team member’s experience.

What is the best software for you?

Both are good choices for project management software, but it depends on the size of your team and the type of projects you will be working with. We’ll offer you some guidance so you better get going.

Smartsheet can best be used by larger companies however, but not the best option for new or smaller teams compared to Monday.

Choosing one type of project management tool for certain project management is not hard as long as the type of business, workflow, and processes are being thoroughly examined but we are very sure that can accommodate almost any need you may have.

What’s the decision?

Given the price and their respective strengths, is a much better deal than smartsheet. To put it simply, is far more useful in its current form, while smartsheet is too barebones to be of real value outside of a few niche use cases.

Going forward, the choice of which PPM solution a company chooses will likely depend. In some situations, one may be a better solution than another. But going by the numbers, does appear to be the winner here.